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An Update From the PLS National President, Michael Mueller

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 8:29 AM | Leigh Joyner (Administrator)

A Letter From the PLS National President

Greetings PLS Chapter Presidents, Advisors, Collegiate Members, and Alumni,

As the start of the 2021-2022 academic year gets rolling, I wanted to get out a quick update on a major change to the Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS) reporting structure that will impact all chapters.  At this year’s House of Delegates meeting we rolled out a new structure for our regions.  Over the past number of years, we have had all chapters represented by 8 regions.  Starting with this year we have expanded our regions to 11 and have tried to group schools geographically.  I have attached two documents below for you to reference with regards to the new regional structure.  There is a listing of the schools along with your new region designation (regions are now designated by letter) and an updated map that visually lets you see what the regions look like.

To help you navigate this year, you have been assigned a Regional Liaison (RL).  Our RLs are a vitally important part of our team as they are the face of the Society and will be your first line of contact for any questions or concerns you may have over the year.  Each month you will have a regional meeting with your RL to talk about a number of different topics and to connect all the chapters within each region.  Please make sure that your chapter has someone present at each of these meetings.  We also highly encourage you to invite your advisor(s) as well to attend.  Once you have identified your new region you can see below which RL you will be working with from this list (and you can also find their contact information here):

Region A: Taylor Praska – North Dakota State University School of Pharmacy

Region B: Vincent Rotunno – Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy

Region C: Eric Pham - University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

Region D: Jennifer Siebenberg – Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Jerry H. Hodge School of Pharmacy

Region E: Ali Naraghi – The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy

Region F: Carson Cook – Union University College of Pharmacy

Region G: Amara Yunus – University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Region H: Alex Wallace – University of Tennessee Health Science Center, College of Pharmacy

Region I: Samantha Treinish – Cedarville University School of Pharmacy

Region J: Aarti Zaver – University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

Region K: Sarah Wyatt – Medical University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy


Along with working with your RL there are also many opportunities for you and your chapter to interact with members of the National Executive Committee.  If you would like to request a member of the NEC visit with your chapter you can make a request here.   We are happy to come and talk at one of your monthly meetings about the Society and leadership, be part of your induction ceremony or we  can host a leadership training session with one of our Leader Academy Trainers. 


Thank you for your dedication to the Society and to growing leaders at your schools.  The past couple of years have obviously been difficult ones but as most students start to come back to campus and events begin to ramp back up, there are going to be many opportunities for you and the rest of your officers to help grow pharmacy leadership at your schools.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us through your RL or through the site visit request if you need anything to make this a successful year for your chapter.  

Thank you,

Michael Mueller, PhD

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PLS Region Map

PLS New Region Listings

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