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Phi Lambda Sigma is the international pharmacy leadership society. Our mission is to support pharmacy leadership commitment by recognizing leaders and fostering leadership development.


Phi Lambda Sigma encourages, recognizes and promotes leadership in pharmacy.

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Regional Liaison Intent to Run Form

This form should be used to show your interest in serving as a 2021 - 2022 Regional Liaison. The National Executive Committee will review your application and will appoint representatives to serve as liaisons for each region.

The deadline to apply is August 6th, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET 

Regional liaisons (RLs) serve as the bridge of communication between the National Executive Committee (NEC) and the local chapters. Regional liaisons help the National Executive Committee (NEC) extend its reach to all its local chapters and streamline vital communication to ensure that our chapters are abiding by the bylaws, remaining active by hosting events, and have the support they need to succeed. As PLS grows and charters chapters not only all over the US but also across international borders, our regional liaisons facilitate upholding the stands of our leadership society across all these chapters. 

Each regional liaison is responsible for two monthly meetings—one with the chapter presidents of their designated region and the other with the NEC. During the NEC meetings, the NEC provides the RLs with important information to relay to local chapters and the RLs communicate any questions or updates from their chapters. 

In addition, Phi Lambda Sigma is proud to provide a Leader Academy for regional liaisons if they choose to participate. The Leader Academy consists of bimonthly meetings during which a facilitator discusses the GiANT voices and tools. Participating in the leader academy enriches leadership experience and provides RLs with tools to liberate other leaders. Regional liaisons help the NEC extend its reach to all its local chapters and streamline vital communication to ensure that our chapters are abiding by the bylaws, remaining active by hosting events, and have the support they need to succeed. 

As PLS grows and charters chapters throughout the US and across international borders, our regional liaisons facilitate upholding the standards of our leadership society across all these chapters. 

The link to submit your Intent to Run can be found HERE. 

Please contact Erin Ballentine at erin@philambdasigma.org or Yihan Li at yihan@philambdasigma.org with any questions. 

Chapter Reporting Forms

Due August 31st


All Chapters should submit an annual Chapter Report and a Chapter Officer Transition Form to the National Office no later than August 31st each year.  

Chapter Report: 

The Chapter Report is used by the National Executive Committee to assess trends among chapter, to develop programming to strengthen our collegiate members, and to determine the Chapter of the Year Award. 

Submissions are generally accepted after June 1st each year. The reporting period may be different based on the academic year of your school. If your chapter conducts events outside of a traditional academic year (ie July/August-May/June), you may choose when to report activities but they should not be included on multiple years’ reports. 

Electronic submission of a single PDF file via the Google Form accessed on PLS website is required. 

When saving your file, please follow this exact format for the file name: 

Greek Letter Name_ School Name_Year. 

Example: Alpha_ Auburn University_2020 

At a minimum, chapters should include the information found on pages 2 and 3 of the Chapter Report Description (see link below).  Additional information is welcomes, as the chapters sees fit.  If you have questions about the submission process, please contact the Executive Director at executive_director@philambdasigma.org

Chapter Officer Transition Form: 

This form is to ensure the continuity of contact between the Phi Lambda Sigma National Executive Committee and our local chapters. While we understand that you may not have the same officer position titles at every chapter, we need the contact information and title for each outgoing and incoming officer. 

This form should be filled out annually (by August 31st) by each chapter in order to ensure that communication may continue between our chapters and the Phi Lambda Sigma National Executive Committee.

The link to submit these documents can be found HERE.

Collegiate Leader Academy

We are now accepting applications for the 2021 - 2022 Collegiate Leader Academy!  This is a wonderful opportunity to grow your network and improve your leadership skills. Apply to join one of our collegiate leader academies starting this fall.


Click HERE for more information and the application.

Putting Yes, And to Work: Building a More Adaptable, Empathetic, and Humanizing Healthcare Experience

Registration Now Open:

Dr. Cory Jenks, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP will be sharing his Improv comedy experience with us and help us to put "Yes, And.." to work in our interactions with patients. If you'd like to register in advance for this workshop, please click HERE

July Leadership Book Club

Registration Open:

The next Leadership Book Club is on July 14th at 8 pm ET.

The book is Getting Things Done by David Allen and hosted by Dr. Jerry Fu, PharmD.

For more information or to register, click HERE.
Registration is limited, so don't miss your chance!

House of Delegates Annual Session:

The House of Delegates met on Saturday, June 26th at the 2021 Phi Lambda Sigma Leadership Summit. 

Thank you so much to all the chapters who sent delegates and alternates as representatives for your chapter! For those chapters who were unable to send a representative, please be aware that your chapter can be placed on inactive status if you are not represented at the House of Delegates session for 3 years in a row. 

If you or your chapter would like to review the House of Delegates recording, please click HEREIf you or your chapter would like to review the minutes from the 2021 House of Delegates, click HERE

Additionally, during the 2021 House of Delegates session, we were given the opportunity to elect our 2021-2022 National Executive Committee!  

If you would like to learn more about the newly elected National Executive Committee members, please click HERE.

2022 Albert B. Prescott Leadership Award

It is with great pleasure that the Pharmacy Leadership and Education Institute (PLEI) announces that nominations for the 2022 Albert B. Prescott Leadership Award, sponsored by Phi Lambda Sigma, are now open.

The Albert B. Prescott Pharmacy Leadership Award, first presented in 1987, is given annually to a young pharmacist no more than 10 years after receipt of their PharmD. The recipient shall have demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities as a young pharmacist indicative of someone likely to emerge as a major leader in pharmacy over the course of their career.

The PLEI Albert B. Prescott Leadership Award recognizes outstanding leadership. The recipient is selected by the four most recent recipients of the Award, two members of the PLEI Board of Directors, one representative from PLS, and one representative from Phi Delta Chi.

For further information on PLEI and the Albert B. Prescott Award, please visit HERE.

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