April, 23, 2019

These are ideas for leadership events your chapter can host.  Thank you for sharing your great ideas!  Please e-mail any new ideas to the Webmaster at csdolan@umich.edu

  1. Theme: "Day for Children" College of Pharmacy Booth
    Number of Members Needed for Event: 2 pharmacists, 6 students per shift (depending on size of location)
    Purpose: To introduce children to the profession of pharmacy. We provided different stations, which taught children about the job of a pharmacist. The children poured liquid from one bottle and measured it in a graduated cylinder, counted out large buttons on a counting tray, and mixed powders which resembled compounding medications. The parents in turn would ask us about the profession, in which we would interact with the community and enhance the image of pharmacy.
    Recommended By: Omega Chapter (Nova Southeastern University)
    Contact: Region 3 Liaison
  2. Theme: Medical Explorer: Interdisciplinary Talk to Healthcare Bound High School Students and Parents
    Number of Members Needed for Event: at least 1 pharmacy student, but a panel of several students from different healthcare colleges would be helpful.
    Purpose:  Have a pharmacy student represent your university and the college or school of pharmacy to provide information to prospective undergraduates.  Work with other healthcare students to increase awareness and answer questions related to healthcare professions.
    Recommended By: Omega Chapter (Nova Southeastern University)
    Contact: Region 3 Liaison
  3. Lollipop Moments in Leadership (.pdf)