April, 23, 2019
Brand Use Policy

Brand Use Guidelines

Phi Lambda Sigma’s insignia is its communication symbol.  The insignia of the Phi Lambda Sigma is the key pin, which bears a mortar and pestle and the Greek letters of Phi Lambda Sigma. A wreath of laurel surrounds the mortar and pestle.  The colors of the Society are green and gold.

All manufacturing and distribution of the insignia are under the auspices of the National Office.  The PLS logo may be used only in the already-approved versions provided – no alterations can be made.  The logos available for download below are all approved formats. Please use these responsibly and reference the brand use guidelines (above).

To download any of these images as a high-res JPG, right-click a link for that image and select "save target as" and then save it to your hard drive.  For .eps and .ai formats, please contact the Webmaster at csdolan@umich.edu

Questions? Contact Mary Euler at exec_director@philambdasigma.org


PLS Logo B&W.jpg

PLS Logo Color.jpg